Monday, 30 November 2015

Benefits Regarding Cloud Services in Dubai

Before Cloud in Dubai: IT had not only taken over the varied means of carrying out business operations, but with the advancements in the internet technologies it had completely altered the ways of business dealings, processes and executions. As organizations improved and popularized through the IT interventions, many of these, further wished for more IT-facilitated capabilities. Those which retained human resourced operations wished for basic IT systems for speeding and easing out the business chores. Other than anything else the capital cost factor as well as the maintenance expenses were the principle hurdles in the organisational IT journey.

In such a scenario emerged the innovative cloud services which entirely transformed the IT-system usage in the business domains all over the world. They showed a way to reduce the IT budgets despite the IT costs while retaining the required usage. The powers of cloud computing slowly penetrated the business world through varied, added direct and indirect benefits.

Cloud Computing in Dubai whiffed fresh life, vigour and enthusiasm in the SME and SMB domains. Business across the world altered its paradigms at enormous rates and so did Dubai as a result of Cloud Technologies. So, what are the exact enabling abilities that cloud bestows to a business? How does cloud continually assist in taking the business goals to higher levels? What is the real reason behind its instant popularity?

Cloud Services in Dubai allow IT Infrastructure scalability, a power which lets you invest in the IT infrastructure rather smartly. The business demands dictate the costs that you actually invest in the inherently elastic cloud services which let you use IaaS rather than a considerable one-time cost for rigid IT installations. Managing your business in the most cost-and-functionality efficient fashion is the norm today, helping to render unbelievable abilities, speed and cost-reductions. The only condition is a good, knowledgeable and customer-centric cloud service provider.

Cloud bestows some of the prominent conveniences like instant capabilities to increase server capacities for data growths, expandable Network bandwidths as per business callings, expansions in processing powers and memory capacities. This, in turn, drastically minimize the times for deployments, making it easy for a business to demonstrate speedy responses, thus deal with the sudden spikes.

Varied flexibilities are offered through an optimized cloud computing in Dubai along with the independence to carry out business through varied architectures like private, public and hybrid variety as required. Hybrid architectures let you move through your Virtual machines to ensure availability while preventing crashes and failures. This helps you achieve a sturdy IT back-up throughout for enhanced dependability.

Businesses using cloud computing for their operations experience drastic transformations while carrying out their routines. Reliability, flexibility and availability shoots up while down times and uncertainties are toned down to a large extent. In order to extend the already numerous features while making it easy for the small to medium businesses, cloud services in Dubai offer flexible payment options.

Exceptional reliability and security with sound IT Support make the cloud services all the more desirable for advancing businesses in Dubai.

Connect with the Growing Telecom Company in UAE

Telecom Companies over the world have geared up to answer the altered and growing communication needs of the business sector. Companies are looking for flexible as well as reasonable options with a strong emphasis on quality as well. Recent telecom technology advancements as regards the variety-reliability-cost ratios have improved greatly with the times.

Telecom service providers in Dubai have made themselves ready through effective partnerships with the state-of- the- art telecom principles along with sound technical knowledge for customized implementations as per the demands. It is easy to understand that taking services from a good telecom company in UAE provides to increase the scale and ease-of-operation of any business while keeping the costs at reasonable levels.

Different business activities need to be coordinated and carried out in typical patterns in order to work efficiently in a set-up. Modern telecom systems provide mobile telephony, land lines for telecommunication and internet lines with high speed, improved quality and reasonable costs for the required infrastructure and operations along with NGN relevant today.

As the telecom technology has enabled the service and communication domain of a business it has become the most-sought-after service arena for varied businesses. Telecom companies in Dubai effectively partner with the business set-ups in order to provide updated and latest telecom solutions with future compatibility so as to keep up with the changing standards. Thus, it is clear that SMEs/SMBs must choose Telecom service providers that affiliate with renowned telecommunication companies which capably cater through varied state-of-the-art technologies to a wide spectrum of takers. They impact by granting an exclusive effectiveness, speed and easiness for their business communication needs.

The telecom arena of the present age has revamped itself entirely to give a fresh perspective as applied to today’s business communication needs. While the business processes have become quite sophisticated with limited dependence on the human interference, the leading telecom products definitely align themselves to the changed times replete with the necessary automations and hired customized assistance from specialized agencies. Business set-ups must take the due-advantage of the technologically-advanced telecommunication systems in order to sustain in the trade races in the present era.

While the telecom products and technology play an important role, the telecom service providers also are the crucial connecting agencies to enable enhanced business benefits. The most desired features of a telecom service provider point towards experience, technological expertise and comprehensive services. These features assist the businesses to get informed and flexible telecom services for uninterrupted reliability as regards the maintenance as well as future upgradations. They can impart a wide scope for utilising the state-of-the-art telecom enabled business solutions like Networking & PABX equipment (infrastructure and management), wireless communications, Fixed voice and data services and so on.  

A perfect telecom company performs to increase the productivity and the competitiveness with cost-effectiveness and sophistication, the most highly regarded features, for every business. They easily stand up to the changed needs of operating a business or a trade in today’s times.

Best Technical Development of IT Security Companies in Dubai

Dubai has steadily grown into an IT-enabled city during the last couple of decades to provide several benefits to the varied business sectors. The changes brought about in the business processes through ease of operation, communication, and data maintenance have certainly been appreciated by the business community through easy and quick implementations. Along with IT-facilitated smart and efficient processes, they have been quick to enhance their service levels including its quantity, quality and most importantly the agility through total or partial IT deployments for their set-ups. The impact is, of course, renewed and higher business goals, productivity and profitability.

This takes us to the extremely relevant issue of IT-security in the business environment complete with superior business services, smart cloud and mobile enterprise operations, and maintenance of enormous business data for unrivalled performance. IT-security Companies in Dubai take the IT equation a step further with tight security solutions which scale to the requirements of their clients thus making them user-friendly, reasonable as well as perfectly accessible for enabling businesses.

A trade that relies on varied web-services needs security at every point to ensure perfect authentication and web-access technology management. While APIs are taking on a prominent role for everyday processes, advanced security options have become available with the recently evolved and dependable security developments.

Mobile enterprises using the cloud for easy, agile and smart responses can now rely on the enhanced capabilities of IT-security companies in Dubai. Not only that but companies dependant on varied forms of data analysis and integrated IT solutions can be assured of identity management and data security options through the technical developments presented by the IT security companies here.

IT-security Companies come across as essential, critical and efficient partners in any IT-enabled businesses. As they specialize in the IT security area, they offer comprehensive services along with an exclusive subject-matter-expertise, which is indeed hard to achieve with an in-house team.

On-going security threats with more and more dependence on the IT-enabled flexibility makes it all the more necessary to strategize and implement updated IT-security while adhering to IT compliance at the same time. The advanced IT-security providers bestow coordinated solutions to cover almost all the concerns of enterprise class information technology requirements.

The developed IT security companies offer technical expertise of research combined with relevant hands-on experience. This helps to protect varied architectures from the well-known as well as rare threats to the various deployed models and technologies. As most of the IT security companies in Dubai partner with several globally renowned IT-security product manufacturers and distributers, they are aware of the latest state-of-the-art solutions to offer you to-the-point as well as perfectly fitting solutions to suit your needs and budgets as well.  

Companies with varied IT-infrastructures already in place and others, looking for operation-upscaling should seriously think about the IT-related security disasters and threats affecting their business prospects. The advanced and knowledgeable IT security companies’ back-up effectively taking off the major pressure of maintaining secured IT-systems which not only ease-out but facilitate varied business endeavours. 

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Things to ascertain while associating with telecom service providers in Dubai

Small to medium enterprises in Dubai are making waves in the Dubai’s economic scenario. They are taking the trade to another level through the use of latest communication and technology advancements to their advantage. Businesses in Dubai now constantly aspire to maintain high standards of efficiency and productivity in order to be at par with their global counterparts. As communication has become the foundation of most of the business operations in an organization, telecom service providers in UAE have geared up in terms of their quality, support and service levels.

Every business has distinct communication requirements, as it differs in execution procedures, strategies and nature. It has become important to get them fulfilled through the telecommunication facilities, which perform likewise. In other words, customized telecommunication solutions work the best to achieve the required support while going ahead with today’s business pace. Look for a telecom provider which carries sturdy partnerships with established telecommunication companies in UAE so as to take the benefit of an updated, seamless and reliable service.

Experience is another factor which determines the flexibility, scalability and uniqueness that a telecom company can provide through its solutions. Although, Telecom companies in UAE present a series of state-of-the-art products and plans, they do not necessarily translate into effective and optimized solutions, if they are not efficiently tailored to the requirements. It is advisable to choose a telecom service provider who has dealt with variety of communication requirements with innovative solutions while keeping up with the timelines and service requirements in his previous executions.

A reliable telecom service provider in UAE will offer varied options with latest technologies and reasonable pricing after understanding the business communication requirements. Since, he has a back-up of rich experience and knowledge along with upgraded equipment with possibilities of integration and up gradations; he will be able to give you sound and thorough solutions in order to target each of your communication issues as well as business needs.

Outages have been a common place even with the most accomplished and competent telecom providers. A company who has seen it and been there before will be able to adequately deal and resolve the situation in the minimum time and with the best possible answers. This will relieve you of the added time and responsibility while dealing with such a crisis.

Telecom services define the connectivity and thereby the business agility. While ascertaining a service provider, customer service is an equally important aspect to watch out for. The communication interface should perform to its highest parameters without any issues in order to have hassle-free interactions as per the business demands. A good telecom service provider will have well-equipped repair procedures and help-desks to deal with any situation.

Above all, select a telecom entity which has maximum ratings of customer satisfaction and service, since telecommunication service certainly characterizes your business in terms of flexibility, reliability and most importantly, agility.

Friday, 30 October 2015

Know the Importance of Acquiring IT Support Services in Dubai

It would not be wrong to state that businesses across the worlds are run by the underlying IT infrastructure, networks and integrations in today’s world. Business professionals feel completely out-of-place when encountered with an IT outage. The reality behind this certainly lies in the fact that IT has taken over most of the business tasks related to operation, storage and collaboration. One really cannot contend to the recent past where all of these were carried out manually.

With the modern communication capabilities enabled through the integrated technologies of IT, sharing, twisting and modifying of information and processes to one’s advantage has become easy and accessible to any big or small business entities. The most significant part however is that IT-story is still evolving and, at a swift rate for greater capabilities, ease and flexibilities in running a business.

Apparently, when IT systems break-down or nurse major errors they are big let- down for businesses. Moreover such incidences can lead to lost business opportunities apart from the core troubles like employee down-time and frustration, losing out on the time schedules and so on. While, SMB managers always find themselves in a situation where they have to remain away from the core profit –making chores due to recurrent IT issues, employees are wary of technical glitches as they add to their work schedules and stress. Inadequate IT support through the in-house IT departmental most always takes the blame.

Take the case of UAE, IT support services in Dubai are one of the most advanced and adept while serving the requisite IT support for varied business applications in technologically smart arena. Situation can be maintained well-under-control when a business chooses to employ services of a good IT support company in Dubai. The fundamental advantages out rightly perform to assist in increased productivity, work-efficiency and cost-effectiveness for any trade.

First of all, an outsourced IT support translates into specialized expertise to oversee your IT infrastructure. An experienced IT support company not only makes optimum use of the available software and hardware resources but is capable of suggesting fresh, latest alternatives in order to support the business.

IT Support also means a sure-shot protection of your present and future IT investments. IT Support companies specialize in providing customized solutions to align with each business requirement. They employ specific technology experts in order to take advantage of the best technology amongst the available ones.

For businesses which are looking for scaling up their operations IT-support comes to a quick rescue. They assist in the process by providing specialized IT staff on-demand. This enables a swift transition without the delay caused due to business inertia.

SMBs employing accomplished IT support companies observe a gradual increase in the productivity and hence the net profits of the business activities. IT support take off the major chunk of IT responsibilities by updating servers, managing networks and applications, and maintaining integrated systems. In short, they allow their customers to focus on their core functions by taking care of the IT systems from procurement to installation to maintenance.

How to Efficiently Manage Your IT Security Services as per Needs

Most companies now need to equally focus on their Information Technology as well as its security with a clear set of pointers as IT shares most of the operational workloads.  Proactive management of security, information-assets, has become a necessity in order to protect the business secrets and financial and customer-related data. A thorough, integrated and appropriate security services managed in-house IT department translates into specialized resources and may turn out to be expensive for certain set-ups. As a result, many businesses now prefer to avail external IT security solutions rather than maintain an in-house team.

The main reason for choosing an external source for security services is definitely the cost-effectiveness and an opportunity to have specialized expertise. Organizations find themselves taking a due advantage of the time-shared nature of the services for accessing the specialized tools, techniques and expertise alike with managed IT security services. This is hardly possible through in-house security management department at comparable costs. In addition to this, many companies have to mandatorily comply with the regulations which have stringent standards. Internal staff can prove highly insufficient to meet such standards.

While outsourcing security is a tempting option, it does involve certain concerns and risks. For example before hiring an external security agency it is important to check out its past credibility and associations. If you have any sensitive data, would it be possible to take advantage of an external service? Does the agency offer any confidentiality promises or particular commitments regarding the issues? What if the security fails, will it impact the organization? If yes, to what extent?

The nature and specific needs of an organization often dictates the kind of security services that need to be employed. It is essential to decide what exactly would be appropriate for the set-up as well as suit the company’s security requirements. While some companies prefer cloud-based services over on-site options, some organizations are comfortable with a mix-and- match or the hybrid model where cloud is used to take care of the on-site assets. Each option has its pros and cons. Like for example, some companies would never think of letting an external agency touch any sensitive data, but they then have to deal with the additional responsibilities.

While there are a range of security management service providers, each tries to offer a variety of packages in order to align with the business security needs with distinct approaches. For example, some IT security companies in Dubai have specialized in providing comprehensive security capacities, while others have particular areas of expertise. It is up to the company’s policies and disposition to select either option.

High-speed broadband networking has enabled enhanced management capabilities through cloud whether partial or entire. Network security services like Firewalls and VPNS take off the burden on the internal teams almost instantly. Vulnerability assessment, content filtering, security event log analysis and related sub-activities are the most preferred outsourced services that companies can enjoy at a reasonable cost, when involving an external agency.

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

How audio-visual companies are important in UAE

UAE has seen enormous growth in the industrial sector with improved infrastructure and better opportunities in the global league. As the trade and business scenario has taken off to good heights, firms are incorporating modern techniques of conferencing, presentations and meetings. Most of the businesses around the planet carry out their operations through the sophisticated audio-visual aids customized to their requirements and preferences.

There has been a steady growth in the number of audio-visual companies in UAE, which provide varied arrangements of audio-visual equipment to suit a particular situation. Communication has always been the center of any business, as effective collaboration and presentation are the mainstays in any venture. The focus is to ease out the communication issues dealt by the client company with the help of latest audio-visual advancements. Audio-visual companies specialize in the varied communication techniques and lend the required sophistication with reduced costs for the diverse communication needs of their clients.

Be it conference rooms, training centers, video conference or tele-presence rooms, audio-visual companies are ready with varied packages and arrangement to suit each type of requirement.

Up To What Extent Do Audio-Visual Companies Assist? 

Sophisticated and modern audio-visual systems grant the requisite professionalism to any venture. They not only provide varied high tech equipment but are equipped to support you through their associated services in order to dole out a complete solution for your communication issues. Thus they make sure to leave you confident and in-charge of your core subject without the hassles of dealing with the ancillaries.

However, it is important to let the audio-visual companies know about the objectives and expectations regarding the project. Be very frank and clear about the requirements while talking to the audio-visual companies, simply, because they are the ones to present your part to the world. Being the experts in the domain, they understand the nuances of a project and come up with suitable, cost-effective communicating suggestions.

It is usually advisable to select a reputed company; one should also look for real testimonials from the existing clients of an audio-visual company. It is important that the company must be able to suffice your business needs along with the services at good price and acceptable quality.

Audio-Visual Companies Enhance the Communication Levels

It is an accepted fact that the audio-visual communication in conjunction with today’s smart devices has come a long way to enhance the overall communication experience. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that it has actualized certain communication powers which were thought to be impossible until recently.

There are various audio-visual companies in Dubai which provide standard as well as complex AV solutions with state-of-the-art technologies and cost-effective pricing. Few companies are reputed for hosting video solutions over cloud which works out to be an effective communication tool to be used with mobile devices. Companies have specialized in building and upgrading conference room set-ups in order to carry out effective business meetings for their clients. These companies add value to the audio-visual services by renting out systems and conferencing rooms for professionals visiting UAE on business trips.

Good and fitting audio-visual facilities are definite assets that one can avail to make an impact by presenting the business effectively in this age of technology.

Growing Job opportunities in Telecommunication Companies

UAE is one of the prominent countries considering the present-day business and technology horizons. Especially, the telecommunication landscape is spreading wide as well as deep with more and more set-ups leveraging the low-cost and convenient communication power to its advantage. Thus, we have a sector which has opened up diverse job opportunities at varied expertise levels.

The telecommunication industry is undergoing a tremendous growth with varied options for voice and data communication with increasing speeds and quality levels. Different technologies are being used for faster and better video streaming. Internet communication services, wireless communication options along with satellite distributions demonstrate the present telecommunication industry to be a wide-spread, job-intensive and growth oriented proposition.

Telecommunication career is considered to be a lucrative one, as popular job profiles present good opportunities in terms of finances as well as status. Watching the telecommunication domain penetrate varied fields with ever-increasing applications, one can predict a steady growth and aim proved scope in the recent future.

Job Prospects in the Telecommunication Industry

The telecommunication service providers as well as the telecom companies in the UAE face a constant demand for communication professionals with distinct skill-sets in order to suffice the expansions in the trade, construction, engineering, manufacturing, medical, media and other fields. Various industries are employing telecommunications so as to increase the convenience, ease of operation and efficiency along with curbing the financial overheads.

•    Engineers and technicians are the core of the telecommunication industry. Software application engineers and networking professionals are regularly needed to develop new communication systems or upgrade the existing ones. With newer technologies and strategies constantly invading the telecommunication field while leading it to higher levels, the engineers need to be on their toes in order to have a thriving career. The dynamics present a satisfying option for those who love technology and do not mind learning constantly.

•    Quality analysis is another chore which asks for expertise in testing the quality and reliability standards of the developed systems. Quality analysts with varied experience are quite in demand. Testing runs at par with development and with various companies stressing on distinct testing methodologies, a parallel domain of expertise is open for engineers wanting to make a mark in the telecommunication industry.

•    Product managers and network security administrator jobs are altering in scope with various telecom companies extending their operations in wireless communications, internet media systems and so on.

•    Apart from the core jobs in telecommunication companies in the UAE, supportive jobs in different management and administration departments have opened up increasing the growth in the telecommunication jobs.

•    Technicians experienced in installation, maintenance and repair of telecom equipments are regularly needed in large numbers due to increasing number of projects along the compass of the country.

As the telecommunication industry is spreading with remarkable statistics, one can certainly predict a fair idea of the future employments in the flourishing telecom domain.

Boost your business growth by using IT services

Internet revolution has engulfed the global business more than ever, with more and more business functions leaning on it, to a large extent. Business honchos and domain professionals also prefer IT-enabled processes in order to complete various chores and demands of the modern-day business. With geographical borders blurring, countries seem to make the most of this global wave as IT services become more accessible and convenient. UAE is one such infrastructure-rich country which houses varied businesses incorporating cutting-edge engineering, technology and trade along with matching IT services.

The IT service providers in UAE have taken on the role of business-critical enablers as they assist in multidimensional growth of an organization. IT services in UAE envelope a spectrum of services including IT systems and configuration, its maintenance along with related systems like communication infrastructure, thus encouraging easy business procedures.

The IT service providers have equipped themselves with the latest technologies with the requisite value-addition through sound technical support and matching customer care. They have indeed honed the competitive edge along with enhanced capabilities, efficiency and quality control.

Crucial Tool for productive business: IT

Most business professionals believe that IT is more than a business tool as it serves the businesses in more ways than are obviously evident.  IT, with its flexibility and convenience systemizes the processes for ease of operation and judicious organization. Software systems perform to increment the revenue scales with built-in efficiency, allowing for a competitive pricing with a horde of other operational and strategic benefits. 

•    In order to gauge the growth prospects of a business, one should start by evaluating the present situation. How are IT services incorporated in the business processes? How are they managed? These are some of the important answers which can lead you to an analysis regarding your software systems and business requirements. This can further lead you to solutions for innovations with higher and diverse business goals.

•    With IT in near vicinity, expect fast and error-free business processes. Lengthy procedures with multiple steps will be reduced to lesser steps for swift execution. Fitting IT involvement directly translates in to less errors, quick procedures and informed decisions.

•    For any business, it is essential to reach out to more number of potential clients throughout the world, regardless of its location. IT services will take care of it without any hassles by making the business more visible to the interested customers and at an opportune time, as well.

•    Business management involves various core functions to be carried out regularly. Irrespective of the work locations, IT easily integrates the interrelated functions within short intervals of time (real time) for the benefit of the business. Different functions like accounting, pay roll and others are executed easily through IT systems.

The power of the IT systems comes to the fore in the form of minimized overheads and enhanced profits along with ease of operation and simple organization. With internet and IT systems to assist, businesses are looking at fresh objectives and visions. 

Saturday, 5 September 2015

The Technology Behind IT Integration Companies in Dubai!

IT Integration has changed the way businesses operate their IT Infrastructure.  IT Integration allows IT equipment to talk to each other and allows its users to control it all through one device.  IT Integration allows IT Infrastructure devices to be more user friendly.

The technology behind IT Integration companies in Dubai is based on four integration methods; Horizontal, Vertical, Star, and Common data format Integration.  Horizontal Integration is connecting all the devices to one device allowing the interfaces to communicate from one to the other.  A Vertical Integration is connecting the devices according to their functionality.  This allows a faster connection.  A Star Integration interconnects the devices via multiple connections (in and out).  A common data format Integration is a connection where the transferring data uses the same format.

Regardless of the IT Integration needed there is a device specially designed to manage the data using one of the four methods mentioned.  IT Integration companies can advised you of the correct method and devices for your specific Integration requirement.  The most common corporate IT Integration connects all of your Conference room devices together in order to operate them from one device.

COMMit is an IT Infrastructure Service Provider which provides IT Integrations to its clients.  COMMit has completed many standard and complex IT Integrations for businesses throughout the UAE.  COMMit is sure to have the right solution for your IT Integration.   Contact us today to discuss your IT Integration requirements.  

The Skills of the Top IT Companies in Dubai!

Today, IT Companies in Dubai may lack all of the skills that it takes to be prominent IT Company capable of handling your whole IT Infrastructure.  Many companies can only install the equipment but don’t have the certified engineers to properly configure it.   Some IT Companies may only be able to configure your servers but unable to configure your PABX, Firewall, Exchange, or managed switches. Others may have one or two of these skills while the Top IT Companies in Dubai will have them all.

Top IT Companies in Dubai will have most of the skill sets needed to give you a completed IT Infrastructure.  Your IT infrastructure will include your Local Data Center, your telecom solution, your AV solution, your access control solution, your mobile solution and your CCTV security solution.  The Top IT companies in Dubai will have the skills to be able to give you a turnkey IT solution and an Annual Maintenance Contract that fits your budget.

COMMit is an IT Company in Dubai with highly qualified and certified engineers.  COMMit’s support team is broken down into two departments (Enterprise and SME).  Each have highly qualified engineers in different sections that include all of the skill sets needed to give you a turnkey IT solution.  COMMit is a TOP IT company in Dubai offering its skills to its customers and potential customers.  COMMit offers a multiple level AMC which is customizable to your requirements and budget.  Contact COMMit today to discuss your IT needs.

Choose more Preferable Mobile Service Providers in Dubai!

Today in Dubai there are thousands of mobile service providers offering a wide range of Mobile services.  Many however can only offer a limited number of services while more preferable ones offer everything a telecommunications company can offer and more.

Mobile Service Providers in Dubai offer mobile phone sales, sim services, mobile phone repair services, and mobile accessories.  Preferable Mobile Service Providers offer all of these services and the services of the telecommunications companies which include managed services and support of services.

Choosing a more Preferable Mobile Service Provider in Dubai means choosing a company partnered with one of the 2 telecommunications companies.  Being partnered means the Mobile Service Provider can assist with support of services of that telecommunications company dealing directly with the support team.  Using a more preferable mobile service provider means having all of the services of the telecommunications company and their managed services.  The Preferred Mobile Service Provider partnered with a telecommunications company can also offer business and personal mobile plans which include postpaid packages.  These packages often include international, domestic and data discounts.

COMMit is a Preferred Mobile Service Provider in the Dubai partnered with du Telecommunications to offer business mobile plans and managed services.  COMMit was awarded 2014 Top du Partner.   COMMit manages more than 4000 du business customer accounts.  COMMit can offer you great deals from du with other IT services available.  Call us today to discuss us managing your du account. 

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Steps To Find the Best Network Solutions in Dubai

Network Solutions have become a standard in industries today.  With new and innovative equipment advancements in networking has enabled companies to advertise products and services around the world easily.  Finding the best network solutions in Dubai means finding the best Network Solutions Provider for your network solution requirement. 

Network Solutions Providers offer many different solutions.   Not all solutions are the same.  Finding the Network Solution you are looking for may mean consulting with multiple Network Solutions Providers to discuss your requirements. 

There are steps to find the best Network Solutions in Dubai.  First is to take into consideration the ISP networks available to you.  Take an account with the ISP available and then determine what kind of services is needed in your IT Infrastructure. 

Your business will most likely need a PABX for telephony services. There are many pieces of equipment in your IT Infrastructure to determine what you Network Solution needs.  So the second step is to determine what equipment you have or need in your IT Infrastructure which needs to connect to your network.

The third step is that you will need to take a list of these items to your Network Solutions Provider to determine the Network Solution best needed for your office.  So knowing this list is important. Likely your Network Solutions Provider will add needed items to your list or can help you prepare a list through Consultation.

Fourth, you may require a secure VPN or other advanced network solution.  With all of these requirements known you will recognize the qualifications and certifications your Network Solutions Provider needs to have.  To configure certain types of equipment your provider needs engineers certified by the manufacturer of the equipment. 

Through taking these steps to find the best Network Solutions in Dubai you will be able to determine if the Network Solutions Provider is best for your requirements.  A simple call to answer questions about verifiable certifications on your equipment will help you determine if the Network Solutions Provider is best for your requirements.

COMMit is a Network Solutions Provider with verifiable certifications on most common Network and other IT Infrastructure equipment.  COMMit has completed 1000’s of projects to include very advanced Network Solutions.  Contact COMMit today to discuss your Network Solutions requirements.

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Impress your Clients with High Quality Audio Visual Solutions

Prestige clients or potential clients are more likely to buy additional or your services and products if they are inspired by a professionally designed office.  Commonly these clients are shuffled to a conference room for meetings upon entering the office.   A highly professional conference room with a high quality Audio Visual Solution will impress your visiting clients. 

A high quality Audio Visual Solution may include a video wall with multiple monitors connected as one. It may include an interactive projector or 2d or 3d projection solution.  Displays come in a wide range in terms of size, resolutions, and costs. 

Large full wall projection screens are becoming very popular with businesses. These screens can be supported with multiple projectors joined together via software to give one large image in 2d or 3d with high visual outputs.  Turning on your 3d screen showing a design or full display of all sides of a product will surely impress your clients. 

Network Audio and Video Conferencing usually done via Polycom devices are another way to impress your clients.  Via a video wall you can have presentations and conference calls to vendors with your clients sitting in.  The more sophisticated the setup the more impressed you clients will be. 

Digital Media Signage showing your company about your office is another way to impress your clients.  Walking into an office with a monitor displaying your products and services will give information to your clients as he waits on his meeting.  Impressing a client through Digital Media Signage is becoming a very positive and popular way of impressing clients. 

COMMit has completed many High Quality Visual Solutions giving its customers exactly what they need to impress their clients.  According to your budget COMMit can give you a very high quality Audio and Visual Solution sure to impress anyone visiting your office.  Contact us today to discuss how COMMit can turn your office into a very impressive facility. 

Saturday, 1 August 2015

Easy Ways to find Mobile Service Providers for Business in the UAE

There are thousands of Mobile Service Providers in the UAE today.  With so much competition the industry is flooded with providers trying to get your trust and money but that can only provide a certain amount of service.

For your business a Mobile Service Provider should also be a Channel Partner with one of the telecommunications companies.   Not being a Channel Partner means the Mobile Service Provider is usually limited to only being able to sell you a sim card.  A Mobile Service Partner which is a Channel Partner can offer you many great business services and plans from the telecommunications company.  They can also provide an account manager which will determine the best plans and services for your business which usually saves companies 1000s in telecom bills.

There are two easy ways to find Mobile Service Providers for Business in the UAE.  The most common way is by word of mouth.  Many companies today use Mobile Service Providers to manage their telecom account.  By asking your neighboring company about the Mobile Service Providers in the UAE you will usually learn the good ones and the bad ones.   The second way to find a Mobile Service Provider and the better way is to call the telecommunications company of your choice and ask for a list of their Business Channel Partners.  Often they will give you the list or a few names of good Mobile Service Provider for Business which are Channel Partners.

COMMit is a Mobile Service Provider and a Channel Partner for du Telecommunications.  COMMit was voted 2014 Top du Partner.  Providing the highest in revenues to du in 2014, COMMit proved it was the best du Channel Partner and Mobile Service Provider.  Managing more than 4000 du business customer accounts COMMit has set standards and raised the bar for Mobile Service Providers in the UAE.  If your business needs the best du Account Management provider contact COMMit today and join the COMMit du family. 

Friday, 3 July 2015

Improve your Network Monitoring with Network Solutions from Dubai

Monitoring your network is very important for your network security.  Knowing what your bandwidth is being used for can determine who is using it.  Programs that are installed on your network via spam or virus’s made just to deliver such programs can use your bandwidth to do mischievous activities.

By monitoring your bandwidth and knowing exactly who is using your bandwidth you can determine when one of the programs have been installed. By a local user using and administrator account to access programs or folders on your server you are opening the doors for hackers to install programs on your server.  “Server mining” is a process of a hacker using your server for his illegal activities.  In server mining the hacker uses your bandwidth to download large quantities of data from other hacked servers. The hacker stores the data secretly in your server and accesses it whenever he needs it. This opens your business up to investigation as it’s all happening from your server.
If you notice your network speeds are very slow there is a chance your bandwidth is being used in server mining.  Improving your network monitoring with network solutions from a Dubai network solutions provider will lessen the chance of security breaches. Through network monitoring you are able to see what your bandwidth is being used for. Maybe one or more employees are just downloading too many movies for the weekend causing a slower network for business needs.
COMMit is a Network Solutions company in Dubai serving the UAE.  COMMit can install scripts in your network to monitor your bandwidth usage.  COMMit can help you secure your entire network and improve the security of your server or servers to keep hackers out. With the right network policies, software and hardware COMMit will help you have a highly secure monitored network.  Contact us today to discuss your network monitoring needs.

Essential Mobile Service Providers in Dubai

Mobile Service Providers in Dubai are an essential part of your business. Dubai’s Telecom sector over the past few of years have only just started offering business plans to corporations.  With this came many new and exciting plans and services for businesses.  Being new in Dubai these business plans and service are constantly changing, hopefully for the better but always changing.  Keeping up with the changes can be hectic.  A prominent mobile service provider will keep up with all of the changes and be able to inform you of the best plan or service for your business.
Mobile service providers partner up with the telecommunications companies to be able to offer managing your account.  You pay no extra cost for these providers to manage your account.  The difference is that as your account manager they keep up with all of the changes and ensure you have the best plans and services available for your business leaving you worry free to all of the changes.

You may be spending more money than you should with your current mobile plan.  A mobile service provider will know all of the benefits of each plan.  As the plans all differ they should be catered to each staff member’s role.  If you have a staff member that travels that employee will need one which includes free roaming minutes where one that doesn’t can have something that costs a lot less.  You should provide your Mobile service provider with a list of your employee’s roles so they can give you the best plan for each which potentially could save your business 1000s in mobile service plans.

Mobile service providers not only manage your business’s mobile services but also align your business with your telecom’s managed services that enable you to take advantage of all of the services provided from you telecommunications company.

COMMit is a Mobile Service Provider in Dubai covering the UAE.  COMMit is partner with du Telecommunications to provide Business plans and Business Managed services to its customers.  COMMit manages more than 4000 du customers including both SME and Enterprise sized companies. COMMit was voted 2014 Top du Partner for its quality and revenues as well as its commitment to the telecommunications company.  COMMit offers door to door services and has multiple kiosks and offices across Dubai where you can take your inquiries or to pay your bills as a du customer managed by COMMit.  COMMit is the preferred IT and Telecom service provider for the DMCC with a desk in its office. Contact us today to begin a great relationship with us to manage your du Telecommunications account.

Cost Effective and Productive IT consultants in Dubai

While starting up a new business in Dubai a good IT consultant can be very cost effective and productive.  A good IT consultant can not only help you build your IT infrastructure but also give you the right growth plan for it in consideration of your business growth plan.  Not using IT consultant can cost you additional and unneeded expenses and doing it right the first time will help to save.

As your company grows so must your IT infrastructure.   Sharing your business growth plan with your IT consultant will enable him to plan for your IT infrastructure growth.  A good growth plan will save you money in the long run.  IT infrastructure has shelf lives. Most will be out dated within 3 years.  A good IT consultant will have the shelf lives considered in your IT infrastructure growth plan enabling you to fit the upgrades in your budget.
Having a good IT Consultant means having a great IT infrastructure designed for your business and its growth. A perfectly designed IT infrastructure will help you bring customers adding money to your capital to continue growing your business.  An IT consultant by your side means worry free IT for you and your staff.
COMMit is an IT and Telecom services provider offering the best IT and Telecom Consultancy in Dubai.  COMMit can give you the right direction to build and grow your IT infrastructure allowing you the best potential growth for your business. COMMit’s consultants are all certified engineers and will get you the best IT infrastructure to fit your budget.  Through great consultancy COMMit will save you money and time while helping you plan the growth of your business. Contact us today for your consultancy needs.

Choose Polycom Distributor in Dubai for Conferencing Solutions!

Polycom has become the industry leader in conferencing and video conferencing solutions.  There are a few distributors in Dubai that can get you your Polycom devices but if you are going for conferencing or video conferencing you will need to have an ISP supporting it. Polycom has brought new ideas to its innovated products.  From conferencing to video conferencing, Polycom products have set standards in the industry.  Certain laws apply to VOIP in the UAE.  Being a business in Dubai understanding those laws is important.

Du Telecommunications partnered up with Polycom to bring new discounts to its Managed Services Packages.  As a Polycom distributor in Dubai du offers special rates for conferencing and video conferencing when you purchase your Polycom devices directly from them.   If you already have your Polycom devices standard rates apply.
COMMit was voted 2014 Top Du Partner.  COMMit is also a certified Polycom Partner.  COMMit can sell you Polycom devices directly from Polycom or from du.  COMMit has qualified and certified engineers to install and provision your Polycom devices.  Contact COMMit today to discuss your Polycom needs.

Challenges Associated with Dubai Telecom Service Providers

As Dubai and the UAE have a monopolized telecommunications industry there are many challenges Dubai Telecom Service providers face.  The largest challenges being pricing and the lack of choices the providers can offer.  Most countries have a varied list of telecommunications companies to offer you many more choices.

In Dubai Support of services can also be challenging, as most telecom providers don’t have direct connections to the telecommunications companies.  These providers are left with having to deal with representatives to solve your problems and don’t directly deal with the sales departments or technical engineers. 

A prominent Telecom Service Provider in Dubai still faces challenges but can better care for you telecom needs.  As dealing directly with the telecommunications company will take you and your staff away from your daily work load, using a telecom services provider in Dubai still has many advantages. 

Using a telecom service provider means your account is completely managed and cared for by the provider.  As a good telecom provider will know all of the plans and services available the provider will know exactly what will fit your business after they get an understanding of your business.  As new plans and services come available they will send a representative to you to let you know of the new plans and services available for your business. 

COMMit is a Telecom Service Provider in Dubai offering du Business Plans and du Managed Services. COMMit is partnered with du Telecommunications and has direct relationships with the internal departments of du.  COMMit was voted 2014 Top du Partner.  COMMit’s professionally trained staff can cater to all of your IT and Telecom needs.  Managing over 4000 du customers COMMit provides a great Telecom Service.  COMMit is the preferred IT and Telecom provider for DMCC with a desk at its office.  Contact us today to discuss being a COMMit du customer.

Saturday, 30 May 2015

How important is managed services in Dubai

With so many laws and regulations in Dubai Managed Services has help companies stay in the business of their industry and out of certain gray areas.  Managed Services provided by Telecom companies in Dubai can assist a company in day to day regulatory demands.   Having your Email services managed from a telecom provider or directly from Microsoft can save space on your servers, power consumption and air condition requirements by removing the Microsoft exchange / mail servers.  An Exchange / mail server can take up a lot of space and other resources.

There are many different managed services offered in Dubai.  Having your services managed by other groups allows you to have a worry free work environment enabling you to focus on work and more in growing your business.

Managed Cloud services can offer you a worry free IT Infrastructure putting your services in a secure disaster proof facility.

Telecom companies offer many different Managed Services in Dubai.  From Conference calls to complete IT infrastructure.  Today your telecommunication services can be managed by other telecom companies partnered with telecommunication companies letting you be worry free from dealing directly with the customer support of your telecommunications company.

COMMit is an IT Solutions company partnered with du Telecommunications and was voted 2014 Top du Partner.  COMMit offers many managed services from du Telecommunications but also has other services available.  COMMit through consultancy can offer you the best Managed Services available for your business and budget.  COMMit in the Cloud offers managed backup services and IaaS.  Contact us today for to see how we can improve your business through our list of Managed Services offered. 

Evolving Audio Video Solutions in Dubai

In the last decade Dubai has seen a lot of changes in its commercial sector.  With new laws improving the conditions for businesses to exist in the UAE and Dubai many companies have chosen to relocate portions of their operations here.  As Dubai is considered the plush place to thrive many of those companies are choosing new and advanced Audio Video solutions.

Evolving Audio Video Solutions in Dubai has opened the doors for many new technologies.  With the wealth and glamour of business in the region the Audio Video industry had to step up its look and begin using more advanced technology.  Most Audio Video customers want the modern to futuristic look with ease of use and high quality sound and video.  Denon Amps, Crestron/AMX Integration Devices, and Polycom Video/Telephone Devices have become the preferred devices for Audio Video Solutions in Dubai.

Integration has become an important part of Audio Video Solutions in Dubai.  Integrating Audio Video with Video Conferencing has turned basic conference rooms into International Training Rooms or even International Client Relations rooms.  State of the art Conference rooms with Audio Video integration can now be found in most businesses today offering a way for better training and new sales.

As Audio Video Solutions evolve more and more SME and Enterprise companies are taking notice and weighing in on the potential uses.  While training and presentations have taken a back seat to video conferencing companies are seeing how Audio Video Solutions can improve their bottom lines.

COMMit is an Audio Video Solutions provider in Dubai.  COMMit has completed 1000s of projects with most containing state of the art conference rooms with integrated Audio Video solutions.   COMMit can design your new conference room with a high quality Audio Video solution.  Contact COMMit today to speak to one of our Audio Video solutions consultants.

Benefits of Using an IT Solutions Company in Dubai

Many companies come to Dubai not knowing the telecom laws and setup their IT infrastructure unaware of the crimes they may be committing.  Prior to bringing their business to the UAE companies need to know a lot before they can build their IT infrastructure here.

The Benefits of Using an IT Solutions Company in Dubai is that they have been established here usually for years and are aware of the laws and best practices in the region.   An IT Solutions Company in Dubai will be able to quickly get your services up and running without issues or incident.  A good IT Solutions Company in Dubai will be Partnered with most vendors and correctly certified to design and install the equipment they provide.  ‘

Using an IT Solutions Company from Dubai may save you a lot of money by not having to send engineers on a regular basis to the region for services.  These services and incident management solutions can be settled in an Annual Maintenance Contract from an IT Solutions Company in Dubai.  An Annual Maintenance Contract will cover the work needed in the region to include fixing any issues that may come up.  With an Annual Maintenance Contract from an IT Solutions Company in Dubai a company can work on its business while the IT Solutions Company keeps the IT infrastructure up and running.

An IT Solutions Company that is affiliated with a Telecommunications company can greatly benefit your company. If representing one of the two telecommunications companies in the region an IT Solutions Company can ensure all of your telecom services are provided and save you money by making sure that you are getting the exact services you need.

COMMit is an IT Solutions Company and was voted 2014 Top du Telecommunications Partner.  COMMit offers different levels of AMC plans which will fit any budget while giving the right amount of services needed.  Check out our website or contact us today for more details.

Monday, 4 May 2015

Cloud Computing Companies in UAE to Stay Fast and Lean

Cloud Computing is becoming more and more popular within the UAE.  With new companies bringing their existing Cloud Services to show off to others many are catching on to it.  Seeing how the larger players like Amazon are moving all of their services to the Cloud gives others the idea of something new and fresh.

Moving to Cloud Computing is a new innovation of Lean Management.  Putting your IT Services in the cloud means freeing up Server Room space and saving money on equipment and maintenance.   Buying only the space you need and not a large costly server with more space than you need will save you money keeping your infrastructure lean.   With new technologies in a prominent data center means faster speeds and better disaster recovery solutions.  

Cloud Computing Companies in the UAE can build you a fast and lean IT infrastructure in the cloud for a more improved IT experience.  The number one reason companies are afraid of cloud environments are the concerns of security.  A good Cloud Computing company will remove your fears of security and design you a solution that optimizes your infrastructure and its performance.

COMMit is a Cloud Computing Company in the UAE that can help you stay clean and fast.  With COMMit in the Cloud, COMMit can build you the right Cloud solution for your company.  COMMit’s “COMMit in the Cloud” offers Server Backup, Client Backup, IaaS and Colocation.   We are ready to take you where the rest of the world is going... to the clouds!  COMMit in the Cloud with its GUI is very user friendly.  COMMit in the Cloud is hosted in the world renowned Equinix Data Center known around the world as the most secure and disaster ready data center. Contact us today to begin your move into the cloud.

Monday, 30 March 2015

Audio Visual Companies in Dubai help in improving your Business Communications

Audio Visual is becoming more and more a tool for communications in businesses today.  Many of the white board conference rooms have integrated into Audio Visual as a preferred way of communicating to employees, customers or potential customers and vendors.  Audio Visual is now being used worldwide to communicate training, company introductions, products and other business media.

Audio Visual is being used widely as a marketing tool communicate product lines and company introductions bringing more profit to the company.  Many training seminars are now known as “webinars” by use of video conferencing.   Companies all over the world connect to a single session through a webinar being provided by a host.

Connecting your company to the rest of the world via Audio Visual has become a very important part of marketing your company.  Going global means taking your company to the rest of the world.  Audio Visual is a main source of marketing and connecting to the global customers and vendors.   Video Conference rooms save your company from sending travels out to the customers bringing the customer right to your conference room.

Audio Visual companies in Dubai help in improving your business communications by giving you state of the art video conferencing, video walls, and projectors or interactive projectors integrated with surround sound.  A company with the proper Audio Visual solution will save money on travel, training, and communications.

COMMit is an Audio Visual company in Dubai providing Audio Visual solutions to meet your budget.   COMMit being partnered with Du Telecommunications can provide a cost effective and legal video conferencing solution.  Regardless of your Audio Visual needs COMMit can provide you the best affordable solution.  Contact us today for about your Audio Visual inquiries.

Thursday, 22 January 2015

IT Consulting Companies in Dubai - Choosing the Right One

Many business managers or staff is not “IT savvy”.   These businesses rely on IT consultancy to find the best IT solutions for their requirement.  

Finding Highly Effective IT Support Companies in Dubai for Better Results

There are many IT companies in Dubai.  Businesses today often hire IT companies that do not have qualified or certified engineers to do the work required. Some businesses opt to contract the work out to individuals they know that are familiar with IT but who are not certified or qualified.