Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Understanding the Benefits of cloud computing and managed services

The SMB managers have acknowledged the role of cloud computing and managed services in the business processes, growth and efficiency. However, not all are conversant with the comprehensive direct and indirect advantages of bringing the managed services and cloud technology in the business loop. Most of the business managers are so busy in running the business that there is never enough time to understand the new technologies and the altered new opportunities brought in by the enabling advancements. Thus, this article takes into account the basic as well as the advanced features of cloud technologies and managed services to bring forward the benefits to the businesses of today.

•    When we talk of managed services, we are essentially speaking about the different outsourcing service channels available to a business. Such a managed service provider is capable of taking care of the various chores while running the business. For example, an internal IT team may need to handle the hardware, networking and software maintenance and upgrading chores in a business. When IT maintenance is coordinated through an external agency, the same chores are carried out by the managed services vendor in the best possible ways along with typical timeframes and recommended standards in the field. This will involve keeping an eye on all the IT hardware so as to keep it up and running at minimum costs and downtimes, applying the right updates to the software applications and maintaining the right mix of networking for carrying out the business communications and so on.

•    The managed services vendors are specialists as far as the IT services are concerned. Thus, availing their services suggests updated and latest technologies for your business. In addition to this, the experienced and skilled teams ensure reliability and minimum downtimes making it all the more productive for the business. They will not only resolve the IT issues but also win over the challenges therein, letting you concentrate on your core business operations.

•    Cloud computing has been an important buzzword in the small to medium business domains for a while now. It is popular for catapulting the business to the next level in no time with minimum investment, assets and resources. It provides a means of storage for the business data without actually having to spend on the hardware devices along with a facility of mobilizing; thereby, speeding up the business operations.

•    To start with, cloud services can be segregated into three types of models, the public, private and hybrid models. The cloud services offer infrastructure, software applications and platforms as a service through offline as well as online channels for the varied needs of the businesses.

The cloud provider offering managed services will be responsible for the data backup, system management and other regular chores like carrying out security updates and so on. It leaves the business managers as well as the different departmental teams free to concentrate on the crux of the business. Moreover, the services turn out to be cost-effective considering the enabling features of such a managed service cloud computation for any business, today.

Factors that impact the quality of IT Support Companies!

The businesses belonging to the SME domain typically need a variety of IT support services. Along with the general IT services, there are requirements of specialized IT support at certain times. In such a scenario, an external IT support company can provide the required stable and cost-effective support to the business. And such an arrangement is popular over the different business domains as it works out better than having an internal IT department. It performs on each front, in terms of turnaround time, costs and specialized support services as well.

However, the extent of the benefits is dependent on the capabilities, policies and the service packages that an IT support company offers. IT support companies in Dubai offer one of the advanced IT support services including state-of-the-art technical support in the comprehensive business arena. Thus, taking this relevant point into consideration, let’s look at the prominent factors that influence the quality of the support.

•    One of the useful factors in deciding the quality of IT support is the capability of your service vendor to analyse and correct the issues remotely. This way the issues get resolved faster which results in improved productivity for the business. The service provider should be able to detect and resolve majority of the problems remotely barring a few which cannot be handled without on-site manual assistance. Such an arrangement offers lower turnaround time and ensures instant corrective measures to enable faster executions and improved quality of IT support.

•    Another important feature to look for in an IT support vendor is his set of policies while carrying out the maintenance procedures. Most reputed IT support companies in Dubai have various plans up their sleeves which monitor the IT systems proactively and keep them in good shape at all times. They provide up-to-date proactive maintenance for the systems round the clock significantly reducing the down time.

•    With remote monitoring options, an IT support provider should also have user-friendly procedures for on-site assistance as one cannot rule out hardware replacements and similar issues. Many IT support vendors offer different packages and plans regarding on-site support which can turn out cost-effective for the users with typical needs of IT support. So, choice of the perfect package gives way to sound support with reasonable expenses, provided your vendor has such a facility.

•    Before one signs a contract, one should ensure the reliability of the IT support company in terms of technology, scale and manpower capabilities. The best way to look into this is check out their current and past contracts and clients. When the offerings and demands match perfectly there is no risk in going ahead with a suitable set of terms and conditions.

All in all, it helps to choose a growing IT support company which has a range of services and is constantly increasing its technological capabilities in this fast-changing domain. Thus, enabling the businesses to enjoy uninterrupted and perfect IT support to carry out the business operations more efficiently and faster.

Saturday, 2 April 2016

Scope of IT Support Services in Dubai!

IT systems are here to stay with us and help us in our innumerable business complexities and objectives. IT has enabled our business operations and lifted the entire business activity to a new level. Companies have started depending on the advanced and sophisticated IT systems for varied purposes and to complete various chores. In such a scenario, what is the scope of an external IT Support Service? Can it help you to leverage IT to the best business advantage? If yes, then how and to what extent?

•    To be very clear with you, IT support services have a wide scope and can actually assist you in your business growth. They let you manage your organisation with the help of various IT solutions which are latest, popular and perfect for your applications. They go ahead and lend a hand in protecting your sensitive data and systems by incorporating the required safety and security strategies. In short, you and your organisation get a tailor-made customised IT support which almost covers all the major IT concerns of a business. IT support services in Dubai comprise of all the required add-ons along with an alignment with the state-of-the-art technologies.

•    Such an IT support translates into various advantages for your business operations. Most important amongst them is its superior power to let you leverage IT perfectly to your business operations. This is essential to make your IT systems align perfectly to the business requisites.

•    Another significant aspect of such an IT support service is its ability to minimize the down time of your IT systems. Most of the business managers are conversant with the issues regarding the IT downtimes. It stalls the regular operation schedules, introducing delays and resource idle time, while bringing down the profitability to a good extent.

•    Employees of an aptly IT supported organisations can put their precious and productive time for enhancing the core competencies of an organisation. Putting behind the worries of an IT issue, they can concentrate on propelling the core business initiatives to the required levels.

•    IT support can translate into a comprehensive managed service for a business set-up. With the recent introductions like the cloud computation technologies, varied communication technology advancements and latest security measures, businesses can use IT for various innovative intents. They can cut down on the communication expenses or get varied applications for the business use instantly, saving on the capital costs. All of this is to increase the productivity of a business activity. However, apt IT support and strategies are necessary to use IT in a preferred way for a set-up.

IT support can mean hardware, networking and security support rolled into a comprehensive package in order to aptly leverage your IT systems. Experienced IT support vendors are adept at making your IT systems work perfectly to the business benefits without a dependence on IT resources as such. They not only care for your IT hardware but also ensure perfect execution of the related integrated IT systems coming in the picture.

CCTV Solutions Companies in Dubai - The Growth of Technology and Advancement

Trade scenarios are changing fast and for better. This statement, more or less, summarizes the trade situation across the globe. And the statement has a special significance when the latest trends in technology are considered. Business domain is using the technology to its best advantage and thereby reaping a gamut of benefits.  CCTV technology solutions are no exception to this rule. Considering the incremental levels of automation, flexibilities and maintenance-free qualities for today’s CCTV solutions, one can decode the relevance of technology in our business domains. And CCTV solution companies in Dubai present quick options for a variety of applications in the industry.

But, what are the definitive changes in the technology that have influenced the CCTV solutions? And, how are they different (read better) than the previous technology?

•    The earlier CCTV systems were based on analog technology that is before some years, when digital was not as matured as today. In other words, digital technologies were limited to certain applications and analog was the popularly used technology. Such analog systems were fully functional, however plagued with a few short comings. For example, they required new hardware at regular intervals, images were not up-to-the-mark and the equipment was bulky. Moreover, they had fewer features- like they wouldn’t be useful to transmit images over a distance or had no remote functioning and were particularly difficult to integrate with other systems.

•    On the other hand, today’s digitally built CCTV solutions offer many easy benefits along with a cost advantage in operation as well as in installation. It actually stands true to the digital promise-reasonable and flexible with utmost sophistication. It works on the open technology standards, on the usual infrastructure and most of the equipments can be bought off-the-shelf, cutting down the requirement of specialized approach. An IP enabled CCTV solution can have portable cameras which can be re-installed at new location without much of a hassle.

•    Digital CCTV solutions offer zero degradation in the picture quality through megapixel images and suitable compression ratios. A user is enabled to a greater extent when he can access the surveillance data from any device including tablets, phones and computers. One can have a remote access to his/her workshop, factory and so on. The best part is that these digital CCTV solutions can be integrated aptly, thus optimizing the overall usage as well as the expenses incurred on the surveillance and security.

•    The next important thing to be considered is their ability to let you continue with the available infrastructure. Digital systems utilize the existing infrastructure wherever viable.The available hardware can be suitably upgraded with minimum additions to bring it in use for the new CCTV Installations.

•    Before installing an IP-based CCTV solution however certain things need to be ensured-whether the various future compatibility and real time surveillance characteristics are acceptable? More about it in next discussion.

Technology today takes you way ahead in all your business needs and intents-be it flexibility, speed or security, businesses just have to acknowledge the right options and make the most of them.

Monday, 7 March 2016

IT Consulting Services - Cost-Effective and Efficient Solution IT Needs

IT is involved throughout the business industry, and can be described as a common thread which runs inside-out and upside-down in the varied business operations and processes. It is also important to note that a specialized approach towards IT can do wonders for the businesses. The zooming IT advancements and the latest integrated IT solutions are busy giving away various conveniences. They are playing a pivotal part while enabling varied business features, innumerable opportunities and competitive preferences just in the nick of time.  It is up to the businesses to take the surplus advantage as well as the enhanced capabilities through IT.

As the title suggests, this write-up focusses on the different perspectives of IT consulting services and how they turn out to be cost-effective and efficient in varied business set-ups and situations.

•    First, it is necessary to acknowledge some important facts about IT and why ‘consulting’ is the best option rather than an in-house IT department. While, most business managers are under impression that IT consulting services are expensive and involve many time-consuming hassles, while some others are wary of getting an external agency into the business processes. This then makes them maintain an internal IT department for catering to the comprehensive IT needs of the organization.  However, the reality of reliable IT consulting services is a complete contrast to the above mentioned clauses.

•    IT has reached a stage where it is one of the ‘indispensable’ as well as ‘absolutely specialized’ services. Indispensable does not need an explanation. However, one has to come to terms with ‘IT service being absolutely specialized’ assertion. IT has almost become a backbone of various business operations, be it marketing (collaborative and other needs), HR or production. And, this has to be attributed to the recent upgradations through several new technologies in IT.

•    Hiring an external IT agency takes good care of the “specialized” factor of the current IT demands. IT consulting services cover the entire aspects of IT requirements in a business. Plus, such a service adequately addresses the customization and alignment issues with the help of latest technologies. All this, with a keen eye on the costs, time-frames and effectiveness.

•    What more? The IT solutions proposed by knowledgeable and experienced consultants further contribute to the cost-effectiveness and the efficiency of the business with due advantages. First, the solutions speed-up and ease out the processes which means enhanced productivity and perfect ‘ROI’. Next and equally important, the exclusive competitive edge gained by the business- agility as mentioned above and work flexibilities. These necessarily mean thriving growth and a perfect opportunity to expand or diversify.

•    When we are talking of “recent upgradations through the IT consultants” we are simply putting the ‘intense’ power that such IT implementations can render- being cost-effective as well as efficacious throughout.

Talking about IT in Dubai, one comes across various IT consulting companies which present distinct competence as well as enhanced capabilities. And this makes it perfect to be one of the technology-savvy businesses in Dubai.

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Challenges Associated with IT Security Companies

The modern era is full of conveniences and easy ways of getting things done, thanks to the booming IT and the related technologies making their way in various walks of trade and business scenarios. However, as the integrations and upgradations in IT have enhanced our experience with technology, it also has to shoulder the biggest responsibility- the increased ‘vulnerability’ introduced in the businesses through IT systems, networks and integrations.

So taking this ahead, we are essentially going to talk about the earlier as well as the more recent challenges that have been associated with the IT security companies. For example, if we take Dubai, a well-advanced and a busy centre of business, we would want to find out the prominent security challenges that are faced by the businesses here and the probable ways used by the IT security companies in Dubai to tackle them.

•    Businesses in the SME sector are constantly facing different challenges, and of those most of them have to do with the extreme limitations on the ready finances and capitals. In such a situation, it is quite possible to give less importance to the security of the IT systems working relentlessly in the business. But, this can lead to big disasters in the form of hackings, slow-down of the systems and eventually to other issues related to the IT systems like theft of sensitive business data including trade secrets and so on.

•    With the latest IT integrations and facilities, like the use of cloud computation technology, businesses have started sprinting ahead within no time. But, it is imperative that the upgradations are adopted with a fair amount of protection and IT security companies in Dubai step in here.

•    “Advances in technology fuels cybercrime innovation”- a famous quote in the top IT circles. It simply puts forward a well-known proposition -as you advance your technology, you will also need to advance your security measures. The responsible teams looking after IT indeed need to gear up and stay alert for the latest kinds of threats through the unprotected IT systems. 

•    The rules and regulations in this arena are also well-defined by authorities for the same reason. Organisations (especially finance, healthcare and so on) need to be perfectly aligned with the compliant procedures associated with the security of their IT systems. If not, then pay heavy fines and difficult penalties in most parts of the world.

•    The answer to all the cyber security issues is a neatly-formed security strategy. Such a way of handling security issues faced by a majority of organizations is a proven methodology and works to avert major security breaches. And the best way to get it done is through a reliable security partner.

An IT security company has varied means of checking your IT systems and introducing apt practices, procedures and plans to mitigate the high-risk security issues that are likely to be faced by business organisations. They carry the required expertise through easily managed teams, strategic partnerships with the global security agencies (products and services) and typical schedules in order to keep you up-to-date as regards to newer threats and authority requisites as well.

Factors to consider when selecting IT service Providers in UAE

Outsourcing has become one of the preferred strategies in the SME domain in the world trade scenario and UAE is no different. Most business managers find it easy to dole out typical business processes to an external agency. There are varied reasons for choosing ‘outsourcing’ over ‘in-house’ arrangements in today’s business conditions. First and foremost, it wins the ‘most-economic way of doing business’ award for the present situation-where agility, competition and cost advantage are the most vital paradigms. The other reasons, more or less, point towards the age-specific alterations. For example, take the case of eased-out-enhanced communication channels available for today’s businesses and of course, the favourite factor remains-specialized knowledge and experience-rich services, readily available for varied functions of business. Thus, a business model which takes perfect advantage of ‘outsourcing’ is the most-preferred one in present time.

Outsourcing? Yes, but, exactly how? and what are the important factors while bringing in an “IT service provider in UAE?”.

Being successful old player in the IT service domain as an outsourced service provider, we have enumerated the following factors which should be considered before selecting an IT service partner:

•    While most of the bidders will claim a variety of assistance and a blend of managed services, it helps immensely to be sure and firm while you choose yours according to your requirements and expectations. You have to be sure when you entrust your IT department to the vendor.

•    Check whether the provider is experienced. While most providers will sound the same before a contract is signed, some of them might have different standards as regards to the nature and characteristics of the provided IT services. References will say a lot about the vendor unless, of course when they are authentic. Thus, the first thing one needs to check is through the set of authentic references.

•    While checking out the references, it will help to know pertinent facts about the kind of projects handled by the Teams at the IT provider’s end. As an imperative, one should be doubly sure of the technical expertise which will be offered. For example, one should check the IT provision domains for a start. If you find the IT vendor relatively new but promising, then it will help to check on his technological teams, strategic partnerships and so on before getting him in the picture.

•    Check the support policies and procedures: It is important for the business to have its IT up and running continuously without any breaks. Thus, an IT vendor should have conducive support policies in order to provide able support. Even a small delay and down-time can cause considerable issues in turn in the organisation’s deliveries. See for a vendor who can serve on-demand support.

While going through the important checklists, it is also essential to put yourself on a safer platform as a service seeker. It is certainly advisable to confirm small contracts to check on the performance before going ahead with longer and larger assignments in due course of time.