Saturday, 5 September 2015

The Technology Behind IT Integration Companies in Dubai!

IT Integration has changed the way businesses operate their IT Infrastructure.  IT Integration allows IT equipment to talk to each other and allows its users to control it all through one device.  IT Integration allows IT Infrastructure devices to be more user friendly.

The technology behind IT Integration companies in Dubai is based on four integration methods; Horizontal, Vertical, Star, and Common data format Integration.  Horizontal Integration is connecting all the devices to one device allowing the interfaces to communicate from one to the other.  A Vertical Integration is connecting the devices according to their functionality.  This allows a faster connection.  A Star Integration interconnects the devices via multiple connections (in and out).  A common data format Integration is a connection where the transferring data uses the same format.

Regardless of the IT Integration needed there is a device specially designed to manage the data using one of the four methods mentioned.  IT Integration companies can advised you of the correct method and devices for your specific Integration requirement.  The most common corporate IT Integration connects all of your Conference room devices together in order to operate them from one device.

COMMit is an IT Infrastructure Service Provider which provides IT Integrations to its clients.  COMMit has completed many standard and complex IT Integrations for businesses throughout the UAE.  COMMit is sure to have the right solution for your IT Integration.   Contact us today to discuss your IT Integration requirements.  

The Skills of the Top IT Companies in Dubai!

Today, IT Companies in Dubai may lack all of the skills that it takes to be prominent IT Company capable of handling your whole IT Infrastructure.  Many companies can only install the equipment but don’t have the certified engineers to properly configure it.   Some IT Companies may only be able to configure your servers but unable to configure your PABX, Firewall, Exchange, or managed switches. Others may have one or two of these skills while the Top IT Companies in Dubai will have them all.

Top IT Companies in Dubai will have most of the skill sets needed to give you a completed IT Infrastructure.  Your IT infrastructure will include your Local Data Center, your telecom solution, your AV solution, your access control solution, your mobile solution and your CCTV security solution.  The Top IT companies in Dubai will have the skills to be able to give you a turnkey IT solution and an Annual Maintenance Contract that fits your budget.

COMMit is an IT Company in Dubai with highly qualified and certified engineers.  COMMit’s support team is broken down into two departments (Enterprise and SME).  Each have highly qualified engineers in different sections that include all of the skill sets needed to give you a turnkey IT solution.  COMMit is a TOP IT company in Dubai offering its skills to its customers and potential customers.  COMMit offers a multiple level AMC which is customizable to your requirements and budget.  Contact COMMit today to discuss your IT needs.

Choose more Preferable Mobile Service Providers in Dubai!

Today in Dubai there are thousands of mobile service providers offering a wide range of Mobile services.  Many however can only offer a limited number of services while more preferable ones offer everything a telecommunications company can offer and more.

Mobile Service Providers in Dubai offer mobile phone sales, sim services, mobile phone repair services, and mobile accessories.  Preferable Mobile Service Providers offer all of these services and the services of the telecommunications companies which include managed services and support of services.

Choosing a more Preferable Mobile Service Provider in Dubai means choosing a company partnered with one of the 2 telecommunications companies.  Being partnered means the Mobile Service Provider can assist with support of services of that telecommunications company dealing directly with the support team.  Using a more preferable mobile service provider means having all of the services of the telecommunications company and their managed services.  The Preferred Mobile Service Provider partnered with a telecommunications company can also offer business and personal mobile plans which include postpaid packages.  These packages often include international, domestic and data discounts.

COMMit is a Preferred Mobile Service Provider in the Dubai partnered with du Telecommunications to offer business mobile plans and managed services.  COMMit was awarded 2014 Top du Partner.   COMMit manages more than 4000 du business customer accounts.  COMMit can offer you great deals from du with other IT services available.  Call us today to discuss us managing your du account.