Friday, 3 July 2015

Improve your Network Monitoring with Network Solutions from Dubai

Monitoring your network is very important for your network security.  Knowing what your bandwidth is being used for can determine who is using it.  Programs that are installed on your network via spam or virus’s made just to deliver such programs can use your bandwidth to do mischievous activities.

By monitoring your bandwidth and knowing exactly who is using your bandwidth you can determine when one of the programs have been installed. By a local user using and administrator account to access programs or folders on your server you are opening the doors for hackers to install programs on your server.  “Server mining” is a process of a hacker using your server for his illegal activities.  In server mining the hacker uses your bandwidth to download large quantities of data from other hacked servers. The hacker stores the data secretly in your server and accesses it whenever he needs it. This opens your business up to investigation as it’s all happening from your server.
If you notice your network speeds are very slow there is a chance your bandwidth is being used in server mining.  Improving your network monitoring with network solutions from a Dubai network solutions provider will lessen the chance of security breaches. Through network monitoring you are able to see what your bandwidth is being used for. Maybe one or more employees are just downloading too many movies for the weekend causing a slower network for business needs.
COMMit is a Network Solutions company in Dubai serving the UAE.  COMMit can install scripts in your network to monitor your bandwidth usage.  COMMit can help you secure your entire network and improve the security of your server or servers to keep hackers out. With the right network policies, software and hardware COMMit will help you have a highly secure monitored network.  Contact us today to discuss your network monitoring needs.

Essential Mobile Service Providers in Dubai

Mobile Service Providers in Dubai are an essential part of your business. Dubai’s Telecom sector over the past few of years have only just started offering business plans to corporations.  With this came many new and exciting plans and services for businesses.  Being new in Dubai these business plans and service are constantly changing, hopefully for the better but always changing.  Keeping up with the changes can be hectic.  A prominent mobile service provider will keep up with all of the changes and be able to inform you of the best plan or service for your business.
Mobile service providers partner up with the telecommunications companies to be able to offer managing your account.  You pay no extra cost for these providers to manage your account.  The difference is that as your account manager they keep up with all of the changes and ensure you have the best plans and services available for your business leaving you worry free to all of the changes.

You may be spending more money than you should with your current mobile plan.  A mobile service provider will know all of the benefits of each plan.  As the plans all differ they should be catered to each staff member’s role.  If you have a staff member that travels that employee will need one which includes free roaming minutes where one that doesn’t can have something that costs a lot less.  You should provide your Mobile service provider with a list of your employee’s roles so they can give you the best plan for each which potentially could save your business 1000s in mobile service plans.

Mobile service providers not only manage your business’s mobile services but also align your business with your telecom’s managed services that enable you to take advantage of all of the services provided from you telecommunications company.

COMMit is a Mobile Service Provider in Dubai covering the UAE.  COMMit is partner with du Telecommunications to provide Business plans and Business Managed services to its customers.  COMMit manages more than 4000 du customers including both SME and Enterprise sized companies. COMMit was voted 2014 Top du Partner for its quality and revenues as well as its commitment to the telecommunications company.  COMMit offers door to door services and has multiple kiosks and offices across Dubai where you can take your inquiries or to pay your bills as a du customer managed by COMMit.  COMMit is the preferred IT and Telecom service provider for the DMCC with a desk in its office. Contact us today to begin a great relationship with us to manage your du Telecommunications account.

Cost Effective and Productive IT consultants in Dubai

While starting up a new business in Dubai a good IT consultant can be very cost effective and productive.  A good IT consultant can not only help you build your IT infrastructure but also give you the right growth plan for it in consideration of your business growth plan.  Not using IT consultant can cost you additional and unneeded expenses and doing it right the first time will help to save.

As your company grows so must your IT infrastructure.   Sharing your business growth plan with your IT consultant will enable him to plan for your IT infrastructure growth.  A good growth plan will save you money in the long run.  IT infrastructure has shelf lives. Most will be out dated within 3 years.  A good IT consultant will have the shelf lives considered in your IT infrastructure growth plan enabling you to fit the upgrades in your budget.
Having a good IT Consultant means having a great IT infrastructure designed for your business and its growth. A perfectly designed IT infrastructure will help you bring customers adding money to your capital to continue growing your business.  An IT consultant by your side means worry free IT for you and your staff.
COMMit is an IT and Telecom services provider offering the best IT and Telecom Consultancy in Dubai.  COMMit can give you the right direction to build and grow your IT infrastructure allowing you the best potential growth for your business. COMMit’s consultants are all certified engineers and will get you the best IT infrastructure to fit your budget.  Through great consultancy COMMit will save you money and time while helping you plan the growth of your business. Contact us today for your consultancy needs.

Choose Polycom Distributor in Dubai for Conferencing Solutions!

Polycom has become the industry leader in conferencing and video conferencing solutions.  There are a few distributors in Dubai that can get you your Polycom devices but if you are going for conferencing or video conferencing you will need to have an ISP supporting it. Polycom has brought new ideas to its innovated products.  From conferencing to video conferencing, Polycom products have set standards in the industry.  Certain laws apply to VOIP in the UAE.  Being a business in Dubai understanding those laws is important.

Du Telecommunications partnered up with Polycom to bring new discounts to its Managed Services Packages.  As a Polycom distributor in Dubai du offers special rates for conferencing and video conferencing when you purchase your Polycom devices directly from them.   If you already have your Polycom devices standard rates apply.
COMMit was voted 2014 Top Du Partner.  COMMit is also a certified Polycom Partner.  COMMit can sell you Polycom devices directly from Polycom or from du.  COMMit has qualified and certified engineers to install and provision your Polycom devices.  Contact COMMit today to discuss your Polycom needs.

Challenges Associated with Dubai Telecom Service Providers

As Dubai and the UAE have a monopolized telecommunications industry there are many challenges Dubai Telecom Service providers face.  The largest challenges being pricing and the lack of choices the providers can offer.  Most countries have a varied list of telecommunications companies to offer you many more choices.

In Dubai Support of services can also be challenging, as most telecom providers don’t have direct connections to the telecommunications companies.  These providers are left with having to deal with representatives to solve your problems and don’t directly deal with the sales departments or technical engineers. 

A prominent Telecom Service Provider in Dubai still faces challenges but can better care for you telecom needs.  As dealing directly with the telecommunications company will take you and your staff away from your daily work load, using a telecom services provider in Dubai still has many advantages. 

Using a telecom service provider means your account is completely managed and cared for by the provider.  As a good telecom provider will know all of the plans and services available the provider will know exactly what will fit your business after they get an understanding of your business.  As new plans and services come available they will send a representative to you to let you know of the new plans and services available for your business. 

COMMit is a Telecom Service Provider in Dubai offering du Business Plans and du Managed Services. COMMit is partnered with du Telecommunications and has direct relationships with the internal departments of du.  COMMit was voted 2014 Top du Partner.  COMMit’s professionally trained staff can cater to all of your IT and Telecom needs.  Managing over 4000 du customers COMMit provides a great Telecom Service.  COMMit is the preferred IT and Telecom provider for DMCC with a desk at its office.  Contact us today to discuss being a COMMit du customer.