Friday, 3 July 2015

Improve your Network Monitoring with Network Solutions from Dubai

Monitoring your network is very important for your network security.  Knowing what your bandwidth is being used for can determine who is using it.  Programs that are installed on your network via spam or virus’s made just to deliver such programs can use your bandwidth to do mischievous activities.

By monitoring your bandwidth and knowing exactly who is using your bandwidth you can determine when one of the programs have been installed. By a local user using and administrator account to access programs or folders on your server you are opening the doors for hackers to install programs on your server.  “Server mining” is a process of a hacker using your server for his illegal activities.  In server mining the hacker uses your bandwidth to download large quantities of data from other hacked servers. The hacker stores the data secretly in your server and accesses it whenever he needs it. This opens your business up to investigation as it’s all happening from your server.
If you notice your network speeds are very slow there is a chance your bandwidth is being used in server mining.  Improving your network monitoring with network solutions from a Dubai network solutions provider will lessen the chance of security breaches. Through network monitoring you are able to see what your bandwidth is being used for. Maybe one or more employees are just downloading too many movies for the weekend causing a slower network for business needs.
COMMit is a Network Solutions company in Dubai serving the UAE.  COMMit can install scripts in your network to monitor your bandwidth usage.  COMMit can help you secure your entire network and improve the security of your server or servers to keep hackers out. With the right network policies, software and hardware COMMit will help you have a highly secure monitored network.  Contact us today to discuss your network monitoring needs.

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