Saturday, 1 August 2015

Easy Ways to find Mobile Service Providers for Business in the UAE

There are thousands of Mobile Service Providers in the UAE today.  With so much competition the industry is flooded with providers trying to get your trust and money but that can only provide a certain amount of service.

For your business a Mobile Service Provider should also be a Channel Partner with one of the telecommunications companies.   Not being a Channel Partner means the Mobile Service Provider is usually limited to only being able to sell you a sim card.  A Mobile Service Partner which is a Channel Partner can offer you many great business services and plans from the telecommunications company.  They can also provide an account manager which will determine the best plans and services for your business which usually saves companies 1000s in telecom bills.

There are two easy ways to find Mobile Service Providers for Business in the UAE.  The most common way is by word of mouth.  Many companies today use Mobile Service Providers to manage their telecom account.  By asking your neighboring company about the Mobile Service Providers in the UAE you will usually learn the good ones and the bad ones.   The second way to find a Mobile Service Provider and the better way is to call the telecommunications company of your choice and ask for a list of their Business Channel Partners.  Often they will give you the list or a few names of good Mobile Service Provider for Business which are Channel Partners.

COMMit is a Mobile Service Provider and a Channel Partner for du Telecommunications.  COMMit was voted 2014 Top du Partner.  Providing the highest in revenues to du in 2014, COMMit proved it was the best du Channel Partner and Mobile Service Provider.  Managing more than 4000 du business customer accounts COMMit has set standards and raised the bar for Mobile Service Providers in the UAE.  If your business needs the best du Account Management provider contact COMMit today and join the COMMit du family. 

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