Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Impress your Clients with High Quality Audio Visual Solutions

Prestige clients or potential clients are more likely to buy additional or your services and products if they are inspired by a professionally designed office.  Commonly these clients are shuffled to a conference room for meetings upon entering the office.   A highly professional conference room with a high quality Audio Visual Solution will impress your visiting clients. 

A high quality Audio Visual Solution may include a video wall with multiple monitors connected as one. It may include an interactive projector or 2d or 3d projection solution.  Displays come in a wide range in terms of size, resolutions, and costs. 

Large full wall projection screens are becoming very popular with businesses. These screens can be supported with multiple projectors joined together via software to give one large image in 2d or 3d with high visual outputs.  Turning on your 3d screen showing a design or full display of all sides of a product will surely impress your clients. 

Network Audio and Video Conferencing usually done via Polycom devices are another way to impress your clients.  Via a video wall you can have presentations and conference calls to vendors with your clients sitting in.  The more sophisticated the setup the more impressed you clients will be. 

Digital Media Signage showing your company about your office is another way to impress your clients.  Walking into an office with a monitor displaying your products and services will give information to your clients as he waits on his meeting.  Impressing a client through Digital Media Signage is becoming a very positive and popular way of impressing clients. 

COMMit has completed many High Quality Visual Solutions giving its customers exactly what they need to impress their clients.  According to your budget COMMit can give you a very high quality Audio and Visual Solution sure to impress anyone visiting your office.  Contact us today to discuss how COMMit can turn your office into a very impressive facility. 

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