Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Steps To Find the Best Network Solutions in Dubai

Network Solutions have become a standard in industries today.  With new and innovative equipment advancements in networking has enabled companies to advertise products and services around the world easily.  Finding the best network solutions in Dubai means finding the best Network Solutions Provider for your network solution requirement. 

Network Solutions Providers offer many different solutions.   Not all solutions are the same.  Finding the Network Solution you are looking for may mean consulting with multiple Network Solutions Providers to discuss your requirements. 

There are steps to find the best Network Solutions in Dubai.  First is to take into consideration the ISP networks available to you.  Take an account with the ISP available and then determine what kind of services is needed in your IT Infrastructure. 

Your business will most likely need a PABX for telephony services. There are many pieces of equipment in your IT Infrastructure to determine what you Network Solution needs.  So the second step is to determine what equipment you have or need in your IT Infrastructure which needs to connect to your network.

The third step is that you will need to take a list of these items to your Network Solutions Provider to determine the Network Solution best needed for your office.  So knowing this list is important. Likely your Network Solutions Provider will add needed items to your list or can help you prepare a list through Consultation.

Fourth, you may require a secure VPN or other advanced network solution.  With all of these requirements known you will recognize the qualifications and certifications your Network Solutions Provider needs to have.  To configure certain types of equipment your provider needs engineers certified by the manufacturer of the equipment. 

Through taking these steps to find the best Network Solutions in Dubai you will be able to determine if the Network Solutions Provider is best for your requirements.  A simple call to answer questions about verifiable certifications on your equipment will help you determine if the Network Solutions Provider is best for your requirements.

COMMit is a Network Solutions Provider with verifiable certifications on most common Network and other IT Infrastructure equipment.  COMMit has completed 1000’s of projects to include very advanced Network Solutions.  Contact COMMit today to discuss your Network Solutions requirements.

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Impress your Clients with High Quality Audio Visual Solutions

Prestige clients or potential clients are more likely to buy additional or your services and products if they are inspired by a professionally designed office.  Commonly these clients are shuffled to a conference room for meetings upon entering the office.   A highly professional conference room with a high quality Audio Visual Solution will impress your visiting clients. 

A high quality Audio Visual Solution may include a video wall with multiple monitors connected as one. It may include an interactive projector or 2d or 3d projection solution.  Displays come in a wide range in terms of size, resolutions, and costs. 

Large full wall projection screens are becoming very popular with businesses. These screens can be supported with multiple projectors joined together via software to give one large image in 2d or 3d with high visual outputs.  Turning on your 3d screen showing a design or full display of all sides of a product will surely impress your clients. 

Network Audio and Video Conferencing usually done via Polycom devices are another way to impress your clients.  Via a video wall you can have presentations and conference calls to vendors with your clients sitting in.  The more sophisticated the setup the more impressed you clients will be. 

Digital Media Signage showing your company about your office is another way to impress your clients.  Walking into an office with a monitor displaying your products and services will give information to your clients as he waits on his meeting.  Impressing a client through Digital Media Signage is becoming a very positive and popular way of impressing clients. 

COMMit has completed many High Quality Visual Solutions giving its customers exactly what they need to impress their clients.  According to your budget COMMit can give you a very high quality Audio and Visual Solution sure to impress anyone visiting your office.  Contact us today to discuss how COMMit can turn your office into a very impressive facility. 

Saturday, 1 August 2015

Easy Ways to find Mobile Service Providers for Business in the UAE

There are thousands of Mobile Service Providers in the UAE today.  With so much competition the industry is flooded with providers trying to get your trust and money but that can only provide a certain amount of service.

For your business a Mobile Service Provider should also be a Channel Partner with one of the telecommunications companies.   Not being a Channel Partner means the Mobile Service Provider is usually limited to only being able to sell you a sim card.  A Mobile Service Partner which is a Channel Partner can offer you many great business services and plans from the telecommunications company.  They can also provide an account manager which will determine the best plans and services for your business which usually saves companies 1000s in telecom bills.

There are two easy ways to find Mobile Service Providers for Business in the UAE.  The most common way is by word of mouth.  Many companies today use Mobile Service Providers to manage their telecom account.  By asking your neighboring company about the Mobile Service Providers in the UAE you will usually learn the good ones and the bad ones.   The second way to find a Mobile Service Provider and the better way is to call the telecommunications company of your choice and ask for a list of their Business Channel Partners.  Often they will give you the list or a few names of good Mobile Service Provider for Business which are Channel Partners.

COMMit is a Mobile Service Provider and a Channel Partner for du Telecommunications.  COMMit was voted 2014 Top du Partner.  Providing the highest in revenues to du in 2014, COMMit proved it was the best du Channel Partner and Mobile Service Provider.  Managing more than 4000 du business customer accounts COMMit has set standards and raised the bar for Mobile Service Providers in the UAE.  If your business needs the best du Account Management provider contact COMMit today and join the COMMit du family.