Friday, 3 July 2015

Challenges Associated with Dubai Telecom Service Providers

As Dubai and the UAE have a monopolized telecommunications industry there are many challenges Dubai Telecom Service providers face.  The largest challenges being pricing and the lack of choices the providers can offer.  Most countries have a varied list of telecommunications companies to offer you many more choices.

In Dubai Support of services can also be challenging, as most telecom providers don’t have direct connections to the telecommunications companies.  These providers are left with having to deal with representatives to solve your problems and don’t directly deal with the sales departments or technical engineers. 

A prominent Telecom Service Provider in Dubai still faces challenges but can better care for you telecom needs.  As dealing directly with the telecommunications company will take you and your staff away from your daily work load, using a telecom services provider in Dubai still has many advantages. 

Using a telecom service provider means your account is completely managed and cared for by the provider.  As a good telecom provider will know all of the plans and services available the provider will know exactly what will fit your business after they get an understanding of your business.  As new plans and services come available they will send a representative to you to let you know of the new plans and services available for your business. 

COMMit is a Telecom Service Provider in Dubai offering du Business Plans and du Managed Services. COMMit is partnered with du Telecommunications and has direct relationships with the internal departments of du.  COMMit was voted 2014 Top du Partner.  COMMit’s professionally trained staff can cater to all of your IT and Telecom needs.  Managing over 4000 du customers COMMit provides a great Telecom Service.  COMMit is the preferred IT and Telecom provider for DMCC with a desk at its office.  Contact us today to discuss being a COMMit du customer.

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