Saturday, 30 May 2015

How important is managed services in Dubai

With so many laws and regulations in Dubai Managed Services has help companies stay in the business of their industry and out of certain gray areas.  Managed Services provided by Telecom companies in Dubai can assist a company in day to day regulatory demands.   Having your Email services managed from a telecom provider or directly from Microsoft can save space on your servers, power consumption and air condition requirements by removing the Microsoft exchange / mail servers.  An Exchange / mail server can take up a lot of space and other resources.

There are many different managed services offered in Dubai.  Having your services managed by other groups allows you to have a worry free work environment enabling you to focus on work and more in growing your business.

Managed Cloud services can offer you a worry free IT Infrastructure putting your services in a secure disaster proof facility.

Telecom companies offer many different Managed Services in Dubai.  From Conference calls to complete IT infrastructure.  Today your telecommunication services can be managed by other telecom companies partnered with telecommunication companies letting you be worry free from dealing directly with the customer support of your telecommunications company.

COMMit is an IT Solutions company partnered with du Telecommunications and was voted 2014 Top du Partner.  COMMit offers many managed services from du Telecommunications but also has other services available.  COMMit through consultancy can offer you the best Managed Services available for your business and budget.  COMMit in the Cloud offers managed backup services and IaaS.  Contact us today for to see how we can improve your business through our list of Managed Services offered. 

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