Monday, 4 May 2015

Cloud Computing Companies in UAE to Stay Fast and Lean

Cloud Computing is becoming more and more popular within the UAE.  With new companies bringing their existing Cloud Services to show off to others many are catching on to it.  Seeing how the larger players like Amazon are moving all of their services to the Cloud gives others the idea of something new and fresh.

Moving to Cloud Computing is a new innovation of Lean Management.  Putting your IT Services in the cloud means freeing up Server Room space and saving money on equipment and maintenance.   Buying only the space you need and not a large costly server with more space than you need will save you money keeping your infrastructure lean.   With new technologies in a prominent data center means faster speeds and better disaster recovery solutions.  

Cloud Computing Companies in the UAE can build you a fast and lean IT infrastructure in the cloud for a more improved IT experience.  The number one reason companies are afraid of cloud environments are the concerns of security.  A good Cloud Computing company will remove your fears of security and design you a solution that optimizes your infrastructure and its performance.

COMMit is a Cloud Computing Company in the UAE that can help you stay clean and fast.  With COMMit in the Cloud, COMMit can build you the right Cloud solution for your company.  COMMit’s “COMMit in the Cloud” offers Server Backup, Client Backup, IaaS and Colocation.   We are ready to take you where the rest of the world is going... to the clouds!  COMMit in the Cloud with its GUI is very user friendly.  COMMit in the Cloud is hosted in the world renowned Equinix Data Center known around the world as the most secure and disaster ready data center. Contact us today to begin your move into the cloud.

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