Friday, 3 July 2015

Choose Polycom Distributor in Dubai for Conferencing Solutions!

Polycom has become the industry leader in conferencing and video conferencing solutions.  There are a few distributors in Dubai that can get you your Polycom devices but if you are going for conferencing or video conferencing you will need to have an ISP supporting it. Polycom has brought new ideas to its innovated products.  From conferencing to video conferencing, Polycom products have set standards in the industry.  Certain laws apply to VOIP in the UAE.  Being a business in Dubai understanding those laws is important.

Du Telecommunications partnered up with Polycom to bring new discounts to its Managed Services Packages.  As a Polycom distributor in Dubai du offers special rates for conferencing and video conferencing when you purchase your Polycom devices directly from them.   If you already have your Polycom devices standard rates apply.
COMMit was voted 2014 Top Du Partner.  COMMit is also a certified Polycom Partner.  COMMit can sell you Polycom devices directly from Polycom or from du.  COMMit has qualified and certified engineers to install and provision your Polycom devices.  Contact COMMit today to discuss your Polycom needs.

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