Friday, 3 July 2015

Essential Mobile Service Providers in Dubai

Mobile Service Providers in Dubai are an essential part of your business. Dubai’s Telecom sector over the past few of years have only just started offering business plans to corporations.  With this came many new and exciting plans and services for businesses.  Being new in Dubai these business plans and service are constantly changing, hopefully for the better but always changing.  Keeping up with the changes can be hectic.  A prominent mobile service provider will keep up with all of the changes and be able to inform you of the best plan or service for your business.
Mobile service providers partner up with the telecommunications companies to be able to offer managing your account.  You pay no extra cost for these providers to manage your account.  The difference is that as your account manager they keep up with all of the changes and ensure you have the best plans and services available for your business leaving you worry free to all of the changes.

You may be spending more money than you should with your current mobile plan.  A mobile service provider will know all of the benefits of each plan.  As the plans all differ they should be catered to each staff member’s role.  If you have a staff member that travels that employee will need one which includes free roaming minutes where one that doesn’t can have something that costs a lot less.  You should provide your Mobile service provider with a list of your employee’s roles so they can give you the best plan for each which potentially could save your business 1000s in mobile service plans.

Mobile service providers not only manage your business’s mobile services but also align your business with your telecom’s managed services that enable you to take advantage of all of the services provided from you telecommunications company.

COMMit is a Mobile Service Provider in Dubai covering the UAE.  COMMit is partner with du Telecommunications to provide Business plans and Business Managed services to its customers.  COMMit manages more than 4000 du customers including both SME and Enterprise sized companies. COMMit was voted 2014 Top du Partner for its quality and revenues as well as its commitment to the telecommunications company.  COMMit offers door to door services and has multiple kiosks and offices across Dubai where you can take your inquiries or to pay your bills as a du customer managed by COMMit.  COMMit is the preferred IT and Telecom service provider for the DMCC with a desk in its office. Contact us today to begin a great relationship with us to manage your du Telecommunications account.

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