Saturday, 5 September 2015

The Skills of the Top IT Companies in Dubai!

Today, IT Companies in Dubai may lack all of the skills that it takes to be prominent IT Company capable of handling your whole IT Infrastructure.  Many companies can only install the equipment but don’t have the certified engineers to properly configure it.   Some IT Companies may only be able to configure your servers but unable to configure your PABX, Firewall, Exchange, or managed switches. Others may have one or two of these skills while the Top IT Companies in Dubai will have them all.

Top IT Companies in Dubai will have most of the skill sets needed to give you a completed IT Infrastructure.  Your IT infrastructure will include your Local Data Center, your telecom solution, your AV solution, your access control solution, your mobile solution and your CCTV security solution.  The Top IT companies in Dubai will have the skills to be able to give you a turnkey IT solution and an Annual Maintenance Contract that fits your budget.

COMMit is an IT Company in Dubai with highly qualified and certified engineers.  COMMit’s support team is broken down into two departments (Enterprise and SME).  Each have highly qualified engineers in different sections that include all of the skill sets needed to give you a turnkey IT solution.  COMMit is a TOP IT company in Dubai offering its skills to its customers and potential customers.  COMMit offers a multiple level AMC which is customizable to your requirements and budget.  Contact COMMit today to discuss your IT needs.

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