Thursday, 3 March 2016

Factors to consider when selecting IT service Providers in UAE

Outsourcing has become one of the preferred strategies in the SME domain in the world trade scenario and UAE is no different. Most business managers find it easy to dole out typical business processes to an external agency. There are varied reasons for choosing ‘outsourcing’ over ‘in-house’ arrangements in today’s business conditions. First and foremost, it wins the ‘most-economic way of doing business’ award for the present situation-where agility, competition and cost advantage are the most vital paradigms. The other reasons, more or less, point towards the age-specific alterations. For example, take the case of eased-out-enhanced communication channels available for today’s businesses and of course, the favourite factor remains-specialized knowledge and experience-rich services, readily available for varied functions of business. Thus, a business model which takes perfect advantage of ‘outsourcing’ is the most-preferred one in present time.

Outsourcing? Yes, but, exactly how? and what are the important factors while bringing in an “IT service provider in UAE?”.

Being successful old player in the IT service domain as an outsourced service provider, we have enumerated the following factors which should be considered before selecting an IT service partner:

•    While most of the bidders will claim a variety of assistance and a blend of managed services, it helps immensely to be sure and firm while you choose yours according to your requirements and expectations. You have to be sure when you entrust your IT department to the vendor.

•    Check whether the provider is experienced. While most providers will sound the same before a contract is signed, some of them might have different standards as regards to the nature and characteristics of the provided IT services. References will say a lot about the vendor unless, of course when they are authentic. Thus, the first thing one needs to check is through the set of authentic references.

•    While checking out the references, it will help to know pertinent facts about the kind of projects handled by the Teams at the IT provider’s end. As an imperative, one should be doubly sure of the technical expertise which will be offered. For example, one should check the IT provision domains for a start. If you find the IT vendor relatively new but promising, then it will help to check on his technological teams, strategic partnerships and so on before getting him in the picture.

•    Check the support policies and procedures: It is important for the business to have its IT up and running continuously without any breaks. Thus, an IT vendor should have conducive support policies in order to provide able support. Even a small delay and down-time can cause considerable issues in turn in the organisation’s deliveries. See for a vendor who can serve on-demand support.

While going through the important checklists, it is also essential to put yourself on a safer platform as a service seeker. It is certainly advisable to confirm small contracts to check on the performance before going ahead with longer and larger assignments in due course of time.

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