Monday, 1 February 2016

Services Offered by a Polycom Distributor

‘Collaboration’ is an important and the central part of any business ecology and more so, with today’s business models. These days, it is common to have multiple offices and places of work in different geographical regions, while the operations are carried out through the latest digital communication channels-the Polycom products and technologies. They offer several benefits like minimized communication costs, fast deployments and perfect security through various types of equipment.

A Polycom distributor is one of the important links in the Polycom partner team or program. The distributor is an integral aspect to the Polycom service delivery throughout the complete process of setting up Polycom enabled collaboration for an organisation. There are various Polycom distributors in Dubai, however, it is important to check on the relevant details before going ahead with one.

•    The Polycom distributors are eligible for techno-commercial trainings, thus they are the ones who can render perfect systems -whether it is a technical or commercial aspect of a deployment, they will perform on both fronts.

•    They will play an important role in delivering services. When a distributor is called upon to install the Polycom systems, he will first evaluate your requirements by knowing more about your needs and expectations through focused discussions. Thus, the technological expertise that they put to work assists in selecting equipment which aptly fits in the business set-up.

•    They will be helpful in arranging extensive training and demonstration assistance if your requirement demands such a check of the performance beforehand. They are even capable of extending financing and marketing expertise if the need be.

•    While the distributor teams will check the alignment of the systems to the collaboration demands from the client side, they will also ensure a flexible system which can be upgraded as and when desired. Thus, you get a scalable, reliable as well as a secured video collaboration solution through an experienced Polycom distributor.  

•    Whether it is designing, checking or actual deployment of a designed system, the distributor has the means to get it done in the stipulated time and budget. He receives time-to-time information on commercial deals from the parent company. A creative Polycom distributor may strategically bundle the services so as to forward suitable discounts and payment flexibilities, thereby making the deployment cost-effective and accessible for the Polycom users.

•    Distributors generally work by domain specialization and distinct value additions. This helps them to render a focused expertise in the chosen domain rather than a range of services over a range of domains. This way, the clients also benefit through perfect expertise alignment and fast deployments.

•    Essentially, the Polycom distributors have many roles to play and can don a variety of hats in the Polycom partner networks. They can execute a variety of services to different extents in different cases. They can do lot more than help you order Polycom products and extend technical support.

It won’t be wrong to say that they are in a central role where they can provide knowledge as well as resources to help you deliver unified communication solutions for your clients.

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