Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Growing Job opportunities in Telecommunication Companies

UAE is one of the prominent countries considering the present-day business and technology horizons. Especially, the telecommunication landscape is spreading wide as well as deep with more and more set-ups leveraging the low-cost and convenient communication power to its advantage. Thus, we have a sector which has opened up diverse job opportunities at varied expertise levels.

The telecommunication industry is undergoing a tremendous growth with varied options for voice and data communication with increasing speeds and quality levels. Different technologies are being used for faster and better video streaming. Internet communication services, wireless communication options along with satellite distributions demonstrate the present telecommunication industry to be a wide-spread, job-intensive and growth oriented proposition.

Telecommunication career is considered to be a lucrative one, as popular job profiles present good opportunities in terms of finances as well as status. Watching the telecommunication domain penetrate varied fields with ever-increasing applications, one can predict a steady growth and aim proved scope in the recent future.

Job Prospects in the Telecommunication Industry

The telecommunication service providers as well as the telecom companies in the UAE face a constant demand for communication professionals with distinct skill-sets in order to suffice the expansions in the trade, construction, engineering, manufacturing, medical, media and other fields. Various industries are employing telecommunications so as to increase the convenience, ease of operation and efficiency along with curbing the financial overheads.

•    Engineers and technicians are the core of the telecommunication industry. Software application engineers and networking professionals are regularly needed to develop new communication systems or upgrade the existing ones. With newer technologies and strategies constantly invading the telecommunication field while leading it to higher levels, the engineers need to be on their toes in order to have a thriving career. The dynamics present a satisfying option for those who love technology and do not mind learning constantly.

•    Quality analysis is another chore which asks for expertise in testing the quality and reliability standards of the developed systems. Quality analysts with varied experience are quite in demand. Testing runs at par with development and with various companies stressing on distinct testing methodologies, a parallel domain of expertise is open for engineers wanting to make a mark in the telecommunication industry.

•    Product managers and network security administrator jobs are altering in scope with various telecom companies extending their operations in wireless communications, internet media systems and so on.

•    Apart from the core jobs in telecommunication companies in the UAE, supportive jobs in different management and administration departments have opened up increasing the growth in the telecommunication jobs.

•    Technicians experienced in installation, maintenance and repair of telecom equipments are regularly needed in large numbers due to increasing number of projects along the compass of the country.

As the telecommunication industry is spreading with remarkable statistics, one can certainly predict a fair idea of the future employments in the flourishing telecom domain.

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