Friday, 30 October 2015

How to Efficiently Manage Your IT Security Services as per Needs

Most companies now need to equally focus on their Information Technology as well as its security with a clear set of pointers as IT shares most of the operational workloads.  Proactive management of security, information-assets, has become a necessity in order to protect the business secrets and financial and customer-related data. A thorough, integrated and appropriate security services managed in-house IT department translates into specialized resources and may turn out to be expensive for certain set-ups. As a result, many businesses now prefer to avail external IT security solutions rather than maintain an in-house team.

The main reason for choosing an external source for security services is definitely the cost-effectiveness and an opportunity to have specialized expertise. Organizations find themselves taking a due advantage of the time-shared nature of the services for accessing the specialized tools, techniques and expertise alike with managed IT security services. This is hardly possible through in-house security management department at comparable costs. In addition to this, many companies have to mandatorily comply with the regulations which have stringent standards. Internal staff can prove highly insufficient to meet such standards.

While outsourcing security is a tempting option, it does involve certain concerns and risks. For example before hiring an external security agency it is important to check out its past credibility and associations. If you have any sensitive data, would it be possible to take advantage of an external service? Does the agency offer any confidentiality promises or particular commitments regarding the issues? What if the security fails, will it impact the organization? If yes, to what extent?

The nature and specific needs of an organization often dictates the kind of security services that need to be employed. It is essential to decide what exactly would be appropriate for the set-up as well as suit the company’s security requirements. While some companies prefer cloud-based services over on-site options, some organizations are comfortable with a mix-and- match or the hybrid model where cloud is used to take care of the on-site assets. Each option has its pros and cons. Like for example, some companies would never think of letting an external agency touch any sensitive data, but they then have to deal with the additional responsibilities.

While there are a range of security management service providers, each tries to offer a variety of packages in order to align with the business security needs with distinct approaches. For example, some IT security companies in Dubai have specialized in providing comprehensive security capacities, while others have particular areas of expertise. It is up to the company’s policies and disposition to select either option.

High-speed broadband networking has enabled enhanced management capabilities through cloud whether partial or entire. Network security services like Firewalls and VPNS take off the burden on the internal teams almost instantly. Vulnerability assessment, content filtering, security event log analysis and related sub-activities are the most preferred outsourced services that companies can enjoy at a reasonable cost, when involving an external agency.

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