Monday, 4 January 2016

A quick look at Network Solutions-pros and cons

Network Solutions have been aiding the business operations to a good extent for sometime now. People have benefited from the cost savings as well as the integrated approach that network solutions bestow on the businesses. Before going ahead lets look at the typical pros and cons of how networking solutions step in to push the business boundaries as well as keep a tight budget on the running costs of a business.

•    The main advantage of having a network for a business set-up is easily the fact that the resources like storage space, hardware devices like printers and softwares like tools and applications can be shared over a network. In the same breath let me put in the main disadvantage of using network solutions is that you make everything that is on the network, susceptible to potential risk-unauthenticated access which can lead to further complications.

•    The second and popular advantage of network solutions is remote access. Access through the connecting mediums lets certain flexibility to the employees or partners. They can use the required resources from any geographical location. However, one needs to be aware of the do's and don’ts while using devices on a network. Restrictions have to be maintained for supposedly dangerous internet sites.

•    Networks are widely used by business set-ups to promote collaboration while carrying out the objectives of projects through shared e-mails, calendars and creative content. However, such shared access is also increasingly prone to a virus attack, thus precautions like installing and updating antivirus softwares should be taken seriously and in timely manner.

•    You can make use of applications on the network to further your sales and support from anywhere which can improve work efficiencies and lead to more accountability as well as popularity for a business. However, such an arrangement can lead to complexities in operation as well as rendering. One needs to take services from well-reputed network service vendors who can resolve issues as well as maintain the networks on regular basis. 

•    Various IT integrators work to provide maintenance of the small to medium to large networks. One should appoint a networking vendor with relevant experience as well as expertise in the IT domain. Certain vendors have varied IT capabilities including hardware, software and networking along with security solutions and other IT ancillaries. These vendors maintain focused technical teams in order to provide on-demand service support apart from the scheduled maintenance visits.

Varied businesses have taken advantage of the cost-effective fiber optic, CAT7 and CAT6 cabling for network solutions. Most of the vendors providing networking solutions offer a range of varieties like the VPN, multilayer networks along with wireless connectivity options like RF Antennas using world renowned brands in order to fulfill diverse requirements of a business set-up. Businesses maintain network installations, PCs and Servers through networks and structured cabling and take the benefit of optimum network solutions.

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